Culture and sports

If you're interested in culture and sports, we have a library and a sports hall located at Vigdartun culture center. Sveio have activites such as soccer, athletics, cheerleader, karate, volleyball, handball, golf, horses, climbing, 4h and scouting. Sveio also have a lot of nice places to go hiking, and if you like to take a swim in the sea there are several beaches to visit.

In Haugesund, Karmøy and Tysvær you will find theatres, cinemas, swimming pool and much more. 


Sveio idrettslag (soccer, athletics, volleyball, handball): website

Horses: website

Karate: website

Sveio drilltropp: website


Sveio kulturskule: website

Sveio drilltroppTjernagel leir- og fritidssenterSveio idrettslag