Nursery schools

Do you have a child and need day care? In Sveio we have 8 nursery schools, and you have to apply by the 1st of March every year. 

How and when to apply

The main admission period for all nursery schools in Sveio takes place once a year. Applications must be submitted before the 1th of March.

You can apply at any time and places are allocated to applicants as they become available. Still your best chance to obtain a place in a nursery school is through the main admission, so you are highly recommende to use this oppurtunity. 

You apply via Internett at the application portal for nursery scools. The web site is in Norwegian only. 


The maximum price per child for full-time day care, whether municipal or private, is NOK 2 655 per child.  An additional monthly fee for food comes on top of this. There is a discount of 30% for the second child and a discount of 50% for the third child.

For more information

At Servicetorget (Sveio municipality's service office) you can get further information. Here's how to contact us:


Sveio kommune
Postboks 40
5559 Sveio
Besøksadresse: Sveiogata 70

Telefon: 53 74 80 00
Telefontid sentralbord: 08.30-13.00

Mån.–fre. 08.00-15.30